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FOR SALE — SK Estate Richard Bush K7REB **UPDATED 12/09/2021**

All monies will go to Richard’s XYL. Ray Richardson, WB5JJA,  is handling disposition of the items. If you are interested in any items, contact Ray at with your contact information


Yaesu FT-1000 good $900 older radio; filters? 200W?
Kenwood 590G   ***SOLD*** good $800 older radio
MD-1C8 Desk Mic ***SOLD*** fair $75 older
Bridgecomm BCH-220 handi 220 mhz very good $50
Bridgecomm BCH-270 handi dual band 70cm-2m very good $50
Yaesu FT-1802 mobile single band-2m good $75
Yaesu VX-5 Handi tri-band 6m 2m 70cm good $125
Yaesu VX-1R Handi 70cm-2m good $50
Anytone DMR mobile AT-D587UV III pro 70cm-2m


good $170
Heathkit Reciever HR 10B fair $25 old
Yaesu FT 51R handi 70cm-2m good $100 older handheld
MAHA MH-A302 AMP for 51R 45W-2m 35W-70cm good $75
Kenwood TS-7600 mobile 2m fair $50 older no mic?
Kenwood RM-76 micro controler for 7600 fair $20 older
Kenwood TM 721A dual band mobile 70cm-2m fair $90 older no mic?
Yaesu FT-8800 dual band mobile 70cm-2m

** SOLD **

good $200
Kenwood TS-830S HF rig with 240 VFO, Transmatch


fair $300
LDG Z-11 auto tuner looks new   QRP Tuner good $100
Comet triband antenna SBB224 2m/1.25m/70cm


new $40
Mag mount SO -239 connector


new $15
HAMKEY Straight Key good $50
Kenwood Diplexer good $35
Hygain rotar and controler good $200
RF Concepts Amp RFC-2-23 2m 2w in 30w out good $75
Uniden BC-760XLT Base Scanner good $75
Kenwood TS-480SAT all mounting hardware and box good $750 chked rec+trans with Service Monitor **all good**
Vibroplex Chrome  Bug Nice! $125
Vibroplex Chrome Paddles Nice! $125
Cushcraft R-5 Vertical new in box $200