The “Other” BAARCs Repeaters are O.T.A.!

After a long break, the Leonard Mountain Repeaters are back On The Air!

As of Friday evening, Earl WB5UUW has managed to get both the VHF and the UHF repeaters back up and running. The VHF Repeater was received, for the second time, on Friday Morning, after having been repaired twice from Vertex, the Manufacture.

The VHF Repeater is running two separate antennas at this time. Once the Repeater was re installed, the “Cans” would not pass any output. It was determined that the cans were out of tune. Because of the two antennas, the output has been lowered to 8 Watts output, to try and equalize the Receive and the Transmit coverage areas.

The Cans have been removed from the hill, with the plan of having them retuned to the proper frequency. Once back in Tune, the cans will be reinstalled, and assuming that all goes well, the repeater will go back to normal full power, all on one antenna.

The UHF Repeater is fully up and rearing to go, with no further issues known. Its coverage range is nearly to Oklahoma City.

Please give them a try, and if you would like, send signal reports to Earl WB5UUW or my self, KF5IF. We are particularly looking for Low power / DX reports as to the coverage area.

73’s  &  Happy New Year!