Rag Chewing

Rag Chewer’s Club

Did you know there is a Rag Chewer’s award?

“The Rag Chewers’ Club award was offered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) for many years. It was initially free of charge and very popular, especially for new hams. Later the ARRL began charging for the award and its popularity waned. Finally, in 2004, the ARRL decided to discontinue the award due to lack of interest. In view of the history and goodwill embodied in this most noble of ham radio activities, Rag Chewing, SPAR has reactivated this unique and illustrious award.

One of the most popular ham activities is simply chatting about nothing in particular. In other words, chewing the fat, or in ham jargon, “Rag Chewing.” Based on this popular activity, it seems only right that rag chewing should be acknowledged as a truly ham activity. For anyone not familiar with the term, rag chewing isn’t just contacting someone. It involves actually conversing, talking and listening for more than a few minutes. Have you ever had a ham QSO and later wrote the time down in the logbook and wondered “Where did the time go?” Congratulations, you are a bona fide “Rag Chewer!

“To qualify for the Rag Chewers’ Club award, you need to submit a report of having had a 2 way QSO (not a net) using amateur radio that lasted at least 30 minutes. RCC members are encouraged to invite new hams of any age or license class to apply for the award. Of course, all the rules and regulations pertaining to the Amateur Radio Service must be followed during any QSO.” (SPAR website)

For more information, check the SPAR website: SPAR Rag Chewer’s Club.