SDR Part 2

… Follow-up to last nights discussion on the Net re: SDR# and those cheap dongles ….

Hi John,

Okay you’ve got your dongle.

Here is what I did one evening not too long ago.

0) read this

1) downloaded and installed 7zip . (be careful NOT to to let it install the extra “junk”)

2) Download and setup ZADIG. These are the drivers.

3) Download and install SDR#

4) Read the “short guide” to calibrate the dial on the SDR.

I have not calibrated my dial yet.

NOW : CAVEAT, Dan Woods mentioned on the net he had a faster way. That sounds great. I read some stuff on the web that said some legal heartburn was being caused by bundling drivers with SDR#. So I don’t know where the all-iin-one file is now.

Have fun. 

I can get the NOAA WX near 162.550 and other good stuff …  I’d like to listen to airplanes too…


Bring your dongle down to Radio Shack with a print out of the above page.

Maybe this fits …. Or not !