RaspberryPi – Part 2 – BerryBoot

So, you’re assembling your hardware and starting to think about what kind of software you need to track down.

NOTE:  to connect this device to the TV, you’ll need an HDMI cable or the RCA yellow “composite” video cable.  I didn’t mention this in the previous post.  Sorry 😉

You can use different software to copy an operating system image you donwnload from the internet from your hard drive to the SD card.  This is pretty easy on the Mac and for Windows users you can look into Win32DiskImager or Fedora ARM Installer.

But what worked for me was a program called BerryBoot.  Google it.  Download this .zip file and just copy the contents to the SD card.  It will boot up the RaspberryPi

Take a look at Dr. Chuck’s video regarding BerryBoot.

BerryBoot goes out to the Internet and gets the operating system we’re after…. Raspbian .