RaspberryPi – Part 1 – Hardware

Like we’ve mentioned at the club meeting and in the Hamgram, I’ve got the Club’s RaspberryPi single-board microcomputer and have been learning a thing or two about it.

Tony KA5TRO came by today and we had a nice time installing operating systems and experimenting.

You’ll find a picture of the device at it’s website www.raspberrypi.org

You can order one (and lots of add ons) from www.adafruit.com

1) What you need is the RasberryPi, and the right kind of USB Wall-wart.  I noticed that it’s the same kind of connector as the Kindle Fire.  Micro-USB ?  You could power it from a “powered USB hub” that plugs into the wall.  Don’t run it off USB ports in your computer.
2) You’ll want to find a spare USB mouse and keyboard.
3) You’ll need a CAT-5 cable to run to your router until you get the wi-fi working.
4) You’ll need a CLASS 10 (4 GByte minimum) card to use as a storage device for the Operating System.  This is pretty important as a lesser card gave me troubles.  Tony helped me out on this important point.  You can buy one that’s blank (and copy the software over a.k.a. “writing an image”) or purchase it ready to roll.
5) optional : some kind of case.