Paxon Terminal

So you’ve downloaded UZ7HO soundmodem from UZ7HO’s website and you’ve checked the connections between your radio, rig interface and computer if it’s been a while.

With some luck and browsing through the manual, you’re adjusted your audio settings, set the speed (baud rate) and you’re looking at 1200 baud signals on 144.390 or 145.01 or 300 baud signals on HF.

How to transmit ?

You want to use the Paxon terminal. Download it. Run the installer. It puts an icon on your desktop. The Paxon terminal program has some instructions in the window on the right hand side. It’s pretty straightforward. But one thing you want to do is when you’re In Devices, the “TNC” you really have is AGW. So there’s a tip.