Morse Code

Morse Code Resources:

1. Straight Key Century Club (SKCC): This site is awesome. There are Elmers to help you learn, a learning Center with text files from which you can practice copying (War of the Worlds, Gettysburg Address, Jabberwocky, and other literary works), a Beginner’s Corner with information on how to complete a QSO,  awards when you get good at CW, lists of other practice files and software, and much, much more. Join this one for sure!

2. Morse Resource: This site has daily quotes that you can copy from 5 wpm up to 30 wpm.

3. Tips for Learning Morse Code from ARRL. (PDF document)

4. Resources for Kids to Learn Morse Code from ARRL.

5. Build a Code Practice Oscillator Kit. $24.95 from ARRL. I built one of these when I went to Dayton Hamvention – now I know what it’s for! LOL! Cindy

6. Brian KB6LZJ made copies of a morse class that his father taught. I asked if he would share them and he said o.k. So, here is a link to the audio files. Note From Brian: “My father, WA6RYY (SK), taught a class of Navy Enlisted men in the den of our home in CA back when I was a little squirt. As I recall it was part of a radio electronics class. The recordings he used, the 78 RPM records in question, were produced for the Department of The Navy by the Electronic Technical Institute in Inglewood, CA and were standard issue for training back in the day. How he came to possess them I do not know. My earliest recollection of the records the MP3 files were made from was some time before I entered kindergarten which would have been 1956 assuming I started school when I was five. Why I can’t recall things that are important is a mystery but I clearly recall sitting on the edge of my parents bed when we lived in the back house of my grandparents home in South Gate, CA, listening to these records AND writing the characters down. The class my father taught using these records was in our home in Fresno, CA, the city where I also started school. As an aside the ID3 tag of each of the MP3 files has been edited to contain an image of the label on which ever record the MP3 was made from. If your MP3 player can display embedded artwork you’ll see the record label.”

Dan, W5BM, has added some of the ARMY CW course plus some “start-up” CW resources to the Navy course and assembled a CW course. The link to download is .


Cindy K5CED/ Dan W5BM