Member Update – Feb 12, 2018

MemberUpdate021218 (PDF)

Member Update

Greetings from the prez…

I want to post a little bit of an update for you all that maybe have been out of the loop,
didn’t get to attend the meeting last monday or maybe you just been outta touch….
The executive committee and volunteers have been working hard to keep the efforts
moving forward to make 2018 an active year for the BAARC.

Kent/K5WTS, your membership chairman continues to develop new ideas for the benefit of
members and has taken a pro-active approach to the position he got thrust into. I want to
encourage/ask/remind all of you to please download the questionaire post on the website,
fill it out and email it to Kent, we really want to know what members are wanting and
willing to step up to do.

Dan/W5BM will be reviewing our current website and seeking recomendations for improving
it to better facilitate communications between club members and potential club members.
Tom Wolf/KF5TIZ has stepped up to volunteer his assistance on this issue as well.

The repeater review committee appointed at the November meeting has been keeping the
email line hot for the last week trying to come to some conclusion on what the final
configuration of our repeaters will be…answers are close as a consencus has become
apparent recently.. The major hurtle is ANTENNA SPACE/EQUIPMENT SPACE….If you know
of anyone that has contacts, relatives, rich uncles, or others that can or might possibly
donate a building top, tower location (in the BA vacinity) please get us in touch with them.
I’m thinking the new Holiday in or one of the other hotels there would be pretty good
antenna location if we could get it.

Also, i/we still need 5 club ambassadors, a fundraising chairman, an activity chairman and
volunteers for each of the committees that have been created. These are all working
committees and need your help to make the club stronger. Folks, it’s your club, i know
everyone is limited on time and resources, however, everyone doing what they can makes a
big difference….meetings for organizing and planning can just about all be done through
texting and emails so as not to take too much of your time. The club needs it members to
participate in any capacity they can.

Also, keep an eye on the website for updates and news……Cindy/K5CED is monitoring the
Social Media pages so if you need something there she is the go to person.