leaving messages in APRS

I wanted to get the word out about the Monday Night Net tonight.  So, I had a couple options (as far as I know so far).

I can put a message about the net as my status.

example :
2012-01-31 01:16:00 UTC: KD5NJR-7>S6PQ0V,ETULSA*,WIDE1,WIDE2-1,qAR,KF5JQW:'{KF<0x1c> <0x1c>K>146.910MHz C088 -060net tonite !


Or I could make a bulletin.  Check it out below.


Bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 km from your location
callsign ID message age
KD5NJR-7 BLN1 net tonite 146,910 46s

You can get bulletins for up to 24 hours after transmission from the APRS.FI website.  I haven’t looked into how long they last in the APRS-IS servers.

There are also some ways to use “GROUPs” to help organize the bulletins.  I’m still learning on that.

More to follow,



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