Cold cloudy Friday : Raspberry Pi Time

Raspberry Pi things I did today :

1) hooked it all back up after the club presentation* having a bit of a problem with the wifi dongle, so I put it next to my cable modem and wifi router.  Used a short Ethernet cable I had on hand and tucked it among the satellite receiver, TV, and the other electronics in the living room.  Didn’t even know it was there.
* hooked up power, mouse, and an old keyboard I had handy.
* hooked up (temporarily) a small portable ( 9″ ) TV I picked up ages ago for Field Day.

2) fired it up.  Logged in.  Used the raspi-config script to enable SSH automatically.
3) Also selected in raspi-config to have the GUI start by itself.  Now we don’t have to worry about logging in right away anymore.
4) made a note of what my IP address for Pi is now.  I’ve had my router turned on and off lately.  hostname -I .
5) then I could download PuTTY onto another computer in a more comfortable place.  The picture on laptop is a lot sharper than the old TV.  Just set up PuTTY for SSH and use that IP address you got from the Hostname command.   And log in.
6.  Anything you can do from the command line setting right in front of the RPi you can do remotely with PuTTY.  So, I loaded the minicom software onto the Pi per the chatter on … and it worked pretty well.  I was able to connect to the KPC.  Just waiting now for my cables that connect the TNC to the Baofeng.

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