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March Club Meeting – Radiosondes Comments

sondeNWS launches Radiosondes from 92 sites for making upper air measurements at 0000Z and 1200Z each day.

Liftoff is about 45 minutes ahead of that.

Norman and Amarillo are sites.  So are Albuquerque and Fort Worth.  El Paso, Dodge City, Denver too. Given winds from the West, some of those might get close to us.  Line of sight is a long way at 35,000 ft.

Frequencies are around 403 Mhz.

Might try to listen with a good receiver.  If you can set a wide waterfall that would be nice… 400 to 406Mhz.

If you think you can see a carrier, there is a free trial (21 days) for this decoder software….

That software, Sondemonitor is supposed to work with SDR#.  If you love Sondemonitor, it’s 25 Euros.

Now, to find some good coax and some adapters for that funny connector on the SDR dongle at Green Country Hamfest.

Who wants to Foxhunt these ?