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*** UPDATE —Bob Wilson SK Estate 2X IC-718 HF Transceivers SOLD SOLD

RADIOS ARE SOLD. Thanks for looking.

***** Bristow Don, KE5MXH SK, HAM Estate Sale *** UPDATE 06/10/2021

Items below are still available…… Make an offer!
Don’s XYL, Maxine Gregory, is offering for sale the following items:

Yaesu G-800DXA rotor controller and rotor
Cushcraft 13B2
Tennadyne T8 log peroidic HF Beam
coax and rotor cable
Kenwood TS 2000 transciever HF
Kenwood MC-60 Desk Mic
Kenwood sp-23 speaker
Yaesu FT 60R dual band handheld
Ameritron ARB-704 amp Interface Kenwood cabling?
CW Key
Eico Model 950B Resistance-Capacitance-Comparator Bridge
Heathkit VTVM
MFJ 25 amp power supply mity mite
Pyramid PS-36KX 35 amp Power supply
QJE PS50 50 amp power supply
MFJ 918 1_1 current Balun
Workman 2k TVI Filter
Unknown brand, 3-30 amp meter
Tube Tester unknown brand
Radio Shack Uhf VHF scanner

misc books

All radios and accesories were in service before January 2021. No warranties; it is used equipment.

Link to pictures:

Please contact Dan Woods, W5BM, 918-625-5321 or with offers. Items will be picked up at Don’s QTH in Bristow. Tower is up, but is a tilt over for removal of rotor and antennas. Buyer will remove rotor and antennas and re-stand the tower to keep the TV and Wi-fi antennas operational.
Make Maxine a reasonable offer on an item and it will probably be yours. The Kenwood TS 2000, Desk Mic and speaker is a nice station setup, HF, VHF and UHF. The ft-60R dual band Yaesu hand held is a nice item.

Thanks and 73,
Dan, W5BM

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