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Bob Wilson SK Estate IC-718 HF Transceivers for sale

Earl Stutzman, WB5UUW, is handling the sale of two Icom 718 HF tranceivers for Bob’s XYL, Wanda. Please contact Earl on the condition of the radios and pricing. Earls email is

Bristow Don, KE5MXH SK, Estate Sale

Don’s XYL is offering the following items for sale:

70’+ Crank up tower with guy cables (extra sections available)
Yaesu G-800DXA rotor controller and rotor
Cushcraft 13B2
Tennadyne T8 log peroidic HF Beam
coax and rotor cable
Kenwood TS 2000 transciever HF
Kenwood MC-60 Desk Mic
Kenwood sp-23 speaker
Yaesu FT-950 Transciever HF
IC 706MKIIG HF_VHF_UHF transciever
Ameritron ARB-704 amp Interface Kenwood cabling?
CW Key
Eico Model 950B Resistance-Capacitance-Comparator Bridge
Heathkit VTVM
MFJ 25 amp power supply mity mite
Pyramid PS-36KX 35 amp Power supply
MFJ 918 1_1 current Balun
Yaesu FT 60R dual band handheld
Workman 2k TVI Filter
Unknown brand, 3_30 amp meter
Tube Tester unknown brand no book
Radio Shack Uhf VHF scanner
QJE PS50 50 amp power supply
misc books

All radios and accesories were in service before January 2021. No warranties; it is used equipment.

Link to pictures:

Please contact Dan Woods, W5BM, 918-625-5321 or with offers. The estate would like a bulk bid on all items above as a unit. Items will be picked up at Don’s QTH in Bristow. Tower is up, but is a tilt over for disassembly. Buyer will disassemble tower and antennas to remove.
However, offers will be taken on individual items on on a first come first serve basis. After two weeks the offers will be considered and you will be contacted.

Thanks and 73,
Dan, W5BM

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