*** UPDATE —Bob Wilson SK Estate 2X IC-718 HF Transceivers SOLD SOLD

RADIOS ARE SOLD. Thanks for looking.

Tablet and Smart Phone Apps for Amateur Radio

This is from the presentation given by Tony KA5TRO at the November BAARC meeting.

Tablet and Smartphone Apps for Amateur Radio v2.0 (PDF)

15 Amp Low Voltage Disconnect

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 7.36.25 PM15 Amp Low Voltage Disconnect 15 Amp Low Voltage Disconnect

Wayne (KW5M) has a lot of 50 ready to go.  If someone wants one they can contact him.  They will be at the next club meeting as well as at the breakfast meetings and lunch meetings if he can be there. 

See flyer for more information. TheFlyer

Promotional Presentation: PromotionalPresentation



Radio shack supplies

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