All about Circuits

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One of my new friends at the Straight Key Century Club, N8NOE, sent me a link to this resource: All About Circuits. The resource provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics. Good stuff! 


Cindy K5CED

New Ham’s Guide

Here is the presentation done by Wayne KW5M at last night’s meeting. It is in PDF format:

Recommended Reading

Wayne KW5M did an excellent presentation last night. I think everyone who attended came away with something new. I will try to post his presentation, if available, on this website later this week. Thanks Wayne for all your hard work!

During the program, he recommended two books that are MUST reading for every ham operator:

ARRL Handbookon ARRL Website for $49.95. He mentioned that you can also buy it used on the Internet or at ham conventions as it does not go out of date that much.

ARRL Operator’s Manual. This one is $29.95. Buy it new at ARRL website, used on Internet, or buy at ham conventions.

Cindy K5CED

Packet Radio Starters

If you have been interested in Packet radio but didn’t quit know how to start. This is pretty simply for starters. Joplin ham fest coming up the 23-24 and there will probably be TNCs there for sale.


Looking for answers?

Found a great site for getting the answers to all kinds of stuff.
The Island of Misfit Hams > www

Ham Radio – Do They Still Do That by KB6NU

Dan Romanchik NB6NU gave a talk to a local Mensa group in Detroit area and used the following presentation. I thought it would be good to share on our website. Thanks Dan!

Fun Online Simulation

In the process of preparing lessons for an elementary class in electronics, I came across this fun website called Circuit Lab. I thought I would share it with the BAARC Club in case you have not seen it.


Circuit Lab

Ham Radio Nostalgia

1944In the May 2013 edition of Handiham World, Patrick Tice WA0TDA offers a nostalgic glimpse of ham radio in the 1940’s with a peek inside the 1944 edition of the ARRL Handbook. Seibert shares the text and images of ads and the membership application. Fun reading!

In the April 24 2013 issue, Tice shares some photos and info on old receiver kits and AM broadcast radio.

Fun reading!

While you’re at it, please share the HandiHam site with others. The Courage Center Handiham System provides tools for people with disabilities to learn Amateur Radio and technology skills, and to earn their Amateur Radio licenses.