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BAARC FD 2021 Assignments —- Please sign up to help

FD 2021 Assignments; Please help if you can.

Send Wayne Hartsfield a text at 918-688-4215 or email and let him know how you want to help.

Position Name Call Sign
Site Photographer    
Social Media    
Public Information Bob Holmes/President K5GSC
Station Coach    
Station Coach – CW Dan Woods W5BM
Station Coach – SSB    
Station Coach – Digital    
Station Coach – VHF    
Guest Relations    
First Aid and Safety    
Bonus – W1AW Bulletin    
Bonus – Messaging    
Bonus – Training    
Food Coordinator Bruce Bierma KG5CZT
Site Preparations Leader    
Logistics (Gas,Water,Ice)    
Grill Master Bruce Bierma KG5CZT
Antenna Crew All  

In addition to the above assignments, Dan Woods/W5BM will submit our logs and ARRL Report, Earl Stutzman/WB5UUW Will be making his famous Ice Cream. This list will grow as Field Day 2021 progresses.

Note: Each Station Operator is Responsible for their own fuel.

BAARC FIELD DAY 2021 June 26-27

Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club FIELD DAY-2021 June 26-27




To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and in doing so to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio.


Station Setup at the site is available only to BAARC members in good standing.
All Club Members Are Welcome To Participate and Operate During Field Day.
Non members are welcome to visit and operate if scheduled or station space is available.
There should be availability to operate through the onsite BAARC member stations— just ask.

Please communicate with a club officer ahead of time and let them know that you are coming and how you would like to participate


The Garden House and the Field North of Asbury Methodist Church
6767 Mingo Road Field North of the Garden House
9836 E 66th
East On E. 66th St From Mingo Rd. to S 101st E AVE.

***************** SCHEDULE OF EVENTS *****************

Before Friday at 1:00 pm — MOW?  Scout the area After 5:00 pm Friday, June 27 – check setup area and Garden House access codes

Breakfast 8:00+- am Saturday – bring a folding chair; Operating Area Antenna setup to follow by 9:30+- am.
12:00 pm Saturday … Operators meeting at Garden House finalize # transmitters + BANDS + MODES

1:00 pm Saturday … Start 24 hour Field Day operating!!

6:00 pm Saturday – Evening Meal, All members and Guests Invited. Bring a side dish or dessert.
Sunday 1:00 pm (24 hour continuous operations) CEASE OPERATIONS, and begin take down and CLEAN UP.

All hands on Deck for tear down and clean up!

General Field Day Info……….

Club Members Home Stations

Some club members may elect to operate from home. The rules this year and last, allow those who want to operate from home using thier call, to give the club points also. When submitting your field day log to ARRL please list the Broken Arrow Club as your affiliated club. Please show the club exactly as BROKEN ARROW ARC  for the club to get credit.

Onsite W5DRZ Stations

The Trustee is ultimately responsible for all transmissions please use all legal procedures. from our stations. When the station licensee designates others as control operators, they should make a note in the log.
The W5DRZ Call Sign Carries No Band Privileges, The Control Operator Has The Privileges Provided By His/Her License Class. Remember, both the station licensee and the designated control operator are equally responsible for all transmissions (97.103(a) and (b)).

The FCC no longer requires you to carry a photocopy of your license whenever you are the control operator of a station. It is desireable though for you to have at least a wallet size copy of your license during the Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club Field Day Operations.

W5DRZ as Class “A” Field Day Event

(Class A) Club / non-club portable: Club or a non-club group of three or more persons set up specifically for Field Day. Such stations must be located in places that are not regular station locations and must not use facilities installed for permanent station use, or use any structure installed permanently for Field Day. A single licensee or trustee for the entry is responsible for
the group entry. All equipment (including antennas) must lie within a circle whose diameter does not exceed 300 meters (1000 feet). To be listed as Class A, all contacts must be made with transmitter(s) and receiver(s) operating independent of commercial power mains.


There is one rule change from Field Day in 2013. Stations operating as Class A or B may begin setting up at 0000 UTC on Friday (which will be Thursday 8:00 PM EDT, 7:00 CDT, 6:00 MDT and 5:00 PDT). The groups may start and stop their set-up, resuming the set-up later, but, may spend only a maximum of 24 hours cumulative time for setting up their sites. This will not effect us as we will start setting up Friday afternoon after 1:00 pm.

Site Preparations is not considered part of the Field Day Site and Station Setup.


All amateur bands except the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands.
Modes are Phone, CW and Digital …, including FT-8
All Digital is counted as one mode and only one transmitter per mode-band applies (excluding GOTA)

QSO(Contact) Exchange

A Typical Call Format would be as follows:
(You) “CQ Field Day” “CQ Field Day”, this is “W5DRZ” calling “CQ Field Day”…..
Station Responds: (Them)W5DRZ this is AB7RA, Please Copy, 6 Alpha,OR (They have 6 transmitters and they are in Oregon)
Your Response: “ I Copy 6A (alpha) OR, Please copy 5A (alpha)OK (Oklahoma) “Thanks for the contact.”
“CQ Field Day” CQ Field Day, de W5DRZ CQ Field Day”

The Key is To Stay At It..You will sound more experienced. You
will log a lot more contacts!

Bonus Points

• Satellite QSO: 100 bonus points for successfully completing at least one QSO via an amateur radio satellite during the Field Day period. Plus we get the point for the QSO.
• Copy W1AW Bulletin
• Send and Receive A Formal Message

Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) Station

This station must use a different callsign from the primary Field Day station. The GOTA station must use the same callsign for the duration of the event regardless if operators change. The GOTA station uses the same exchange as its parent. The GOTA station may be operated by any person licensed since the
previous year’s Field Day, regardless of license class. It may also be operated by a generally inactive licensee. Non-licensed persons may participate under the direct supervision of an appropriate control operator. A list of operators and participants must be included on the required summary sheet to ARRL HQ.

Free VHF Station
All Class A entries may also operate one additional transmitter if it operates exclusively on any band or combination of bands above 50 MHz (VHF/UHF) without changing its basic entry classification. This station does not qualify for a 100-point bonus as an additional transmitter. This station may be operated for the clubs Field Day period and all contacts count for QSO credit. It is operated using the primary callsign and exchange of the main Field Day group and is separate and distinct from the GOTA station.


Unique Band and mode (CW, phone, Digital) NO PROBLEM …… “get after it”

We need to know who is bringing what and what bands/modes you want to work
We will try to coordinate a schedule where everyone gets to work a band/mode in segments….


Log Call, Time, Frequency ,Mode, and full response exchange (#transmitters class ARRL section or DX)
Use any logging program that will write or export a ADIF (.ADI) file and is setup for logging ARRL Field Day
If you are going to operate a different transmitter on the same band/mode as previously operated by another operator, Please have a logging program available that can import ADI files and merge with log already loaded. Both the old free HRD and N1MM programs work for this.


A person may not contact for QSO credit any station from which they also participate
A transmitter/receiver/transceiver used to contact one or more Field Day stations may not subsequently be used under any other call-sign to participate in Field Day

Phone, CW and Digital (non-CW) modes on a band are considered as separate bands

All voice contacts are equivalent.
All non-CW digital contacts are equivalent.

The use of more than one transmitter at the same time on a single band/mode is prohibited, Exception: a dedicated GOTA station
No repeater contacts are allowed for points.
Batteries may be charged while in use , the batteries must be charged from a power source other than commercial power mains


Remember field day is to operate, learn and have FUN!

Please, if someone comes by and wants to know about HAM RADIO, talk to them and let them get on the AIR!

If another operator wants to get on the air, please share your station. Also, if the logging software allows, please note the change of operator or 3rd party traffic

Please show up to help setup and especially TAKE DOWN and CLEAN UP

BAARC JUNE CLUB MEETING ***** REMINDER ***** and slight location change

BAARC Members,

REMINDER and change- Our first “In Person” BAARC Monthly Meeting for 2021 will be this coming Monday, June 7 at 7:00 pm. There will be no zoom meeting for this meeting. The original announcement had us meeting at the covered pavilion behind the Broken Arrow Community Center, 1500 S. Main, Broken Arrow, but due to scheduling difficulties and possible rain, we will still meet at the center, but inside in one of the big rooms, as we have in the past.

To celebrate our return, Earl, WB5UUW will bring some of his homemade Ice Cream for the group. Also the club will provide cookies and soda pop. The topic for the evening is an open discussion on the plans for “BAARC Field Day 2021” lead by field day chairman, Wayne, KW5M. Should be a fun time….. Ya’ll Come!!

Thanks and 73,

Bob Holmes, K5GSC
President BAARC


FIRST IN PERSON Meeting for 2021 — BAARC JUNE CLUB MEETING is Monday June 7th START TIME, 7:00 PM

BAARC Members,

NOTICE!!! Yippie!!!! After a year of Covid, we are going to have our first “In Person” BAARC Monthly Meeting, Monday June 7. We are going back to our normal 7:00 pm meeting time. There will be no zoom meeting for this meeting. Unless it is pouring rain, It will be held at the covered pavilion behind the Broken Arrow Community Center, 1500 S. Main, Broken Arrow. Same spot we have had our Ice Cream Socials in the past.

To celebrate the our return, Earl, WB5UUW will bring some of his homemade Ice Cream for the group. Also the club will provide cookies and soda pop. The topic for the evening is an open discussion on the plans for “BAARC Field Day 2021” lead by field day chairman, Wayne, KW5M. Should be a fun time….. Ya’ll Come!!

Thanks and 73,

Bob Holmes, K5GSC
President BAARC

BAARC May CLUB MEETING is Monday Night May 3rd START TIME, 6:30 PM ON ZOOM

BAARC Members,

May BAARC Meeting start time is 6:30pm rather than the normal 7:00pm, Monday May 3 2021. This is a zoom meeting and no in-person meeting is planned. Next Month we will be back to in-person meetings at the Broken Arrow Community Center.

A brief 30 minute business meeting will be held starting at 6:30 PM. which will adjourn around 6:55 PM and Cory Gibson, W3CDG, will join us at 7:00pm and give a presentation on “ECOM”. Cory is very knowledgeable on emergency communications in HAM Radio. A short Bio on Cory follows:

Cory Gibson

My name is Cory Gibson and I have been a ham since 2012. I am an EE and have always been interested in radio. Electromagnetic Theory 2 was my favorite class senior year of college (I think we had a class size of 2). I graduated from Grove City College in 1999, and though about getting my ticket many times until my cousin Tony (KD8OEE) finally talked me into it, and I have jumped in head first! I currently work at DX Engineering (

I am also currently the Vice-President of the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club ( where I run the email server and website. I was previously the Emergency Coordinator and Radio Officer for Mercer County, and I still participate in many drills for emergency communications.

BAARC Meeting sign-in follows:

Meeting ID: 404 905 5174
Passcode: BAARC1

Or join by linking:

Thanks and 73,

Bob Holmes, K5GSC
President BAARC

QST QST QST Green Country Hamfest Inc. “Tail Gate” swap meet in September 2021

Green Country Hamfest, Inc.
will be hosting a
Tailgate Swap Meet
on Saturday, September 11, 2021
Open at 8 AM & close at 3 PM
To be held at the parking lot of Asbury Church
6767 South Mingo Road
Some prizes will be raffled
Tailgate or bring your own table and chair
Admission is FREE!


To all BAARC Members and all interested parties,

Broken Arrow Amatuer Radio Club April 2021 Club Meeting

NOTICE!!!   We are changing our meeting time for the April BAARC Meeting to 6:30pm rather than the normal 7:00pm,  Monday April 5, 2021. This is a zoom meeting and no in-person meeting is planned. This meeting is open to all who have an interest in HAM Radio.


A brief 30 minute business meeting will be held starting at 6:30 PM. which will adjourn around 6:55 PM and Tim Duffy, K3LR will join us at 7:00pm and give a presentation on “Contesting”. Tim is a great speaker and is very knowledgeable on many subjects associated with HAM Radio. A short Bio on Tim follows:


Tim Duffy



Tim is Chief Executive Officer of DX Engineering. Licensed in 1972, he is very active on the HF bands. K3LR enjoys hosting multi multi DX radio contest events. Tim likes to help bring new people into the hobby by mentoring them in the fun of amateur radio. Tim is president of his local ham club, the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club. He is active in RACES, ACS and ARES. Tim is a member of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame and was on Team USA for the World Radio Team Championship (WRTC) five times. Tim is the founder and chairman of Contest University (CTU). He is chairman of the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF). Tim is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University.



BAARC Meeting sign-in follows:


Meeting ID: 404 905 5174

Passcode: BAARC1


Or join by linking:


Thanks and 73,

Dan Woods, W5BM

Vice President BAARC




March BAARC CLUB MEETING Monday Night March 1st. START TIME, 5:30 PM ON ZOOM

BAARC Members,

NOTICE!!!   We are changing our meeting time for the regular monthly meeting to 5:30 Monday Night March 1st on ZOOM. There will be no “in person” meeting.

A brief 45 minute business meeting and round table discussion will be held starting at 5:30 PM on ZOOM, after which we will adjourn and join the National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Spotting Training Webinar. We have traditionally held a joint meeting with the National Weather Service which has been a very popular meeting with attendance reaching to 150 attendees.

BAARC Zoom Business meeting sign in follows:

Meeting ID: 404 905 5174

Passcode: BAARC1

We will adjourn the Business Meeting around 6:15 PM and then sign into the National Weather Service Spotter Weather Training Webinar.

Sign up dates below. If you do not get a slot on March 1, other dates should be available.


Date Time Registration Link
Tue, February 23rd 630 pm Register here
Thu, February 25th 630 pm Register here
Mon, March 1st 630 pm Register here
Thu, March 4th 630 pm Register here
Tue, March 9th 630 pm Register here
Thu, March 11th 630 pm Register here
Mon, March 15th 630 pm Register here
Thu, March 18th 630 pm Register here
Mon, March 22nd 630 pm Register here
Mon, March 29th 630 pm Register here


Each session has room for 500 connections, so there should be room for everyone. Sign up as quick as you can. After signup, you will receive an email with “sign in” instructions for the day of the Webinar.


Thanks and 73,


Bob Holmes, K5GSC

February BAARC Meeting Date and Time Change-New Date Feb 6th, Time 6:30PM

BAARC Members,

The February 1, 2021 BAARC meeting has been moved to Feb 6, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) and will be a Zoom meeting only. A brief 25 minute business meeting will be held starting at 6:30 PM, after which the officers and directors have decided to accept an invitation by the Oklahoma DX Association to join their February Meeting for a Special Zoom Webinar featuring Tim Duffy talking about his unbelievable DX-Contest station in Pennsylvania, K3LR. Tim is a great speaker and this will be a tour of one of the top DX/Contest stations in the US.

Link to the BAARC Zoom Business meeting is:

BAARC Zoom Business Meeting February 6, 2021, 6:30 PM

Duration: 25 minutes

Meeting ID: 404 905 5174

Passcode: BAARC1


We will adjourn the Business Meeting and then sign into the OKDX Webinar as follows:


When: Feb 6, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Topic: OKDXA with Tim Duffy, K3LR


Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 015830


Thanks to BAARC club member, Jeff Martin, K5WE for bringing this to our attention and thanks to OKDX Association and their president, Kim Elmore, N5OP, for the following Invitation:


The Oklahoma DX Association proudly presents a virtual station tour webinar of the contesting/DXing super-station, K3LR, hosted by K3LR himself: Tim Duffy. Tim is a lifetime member of the OKDXA and has graciously agreed to be our feature for this special virtual Winter Zoom Meeting of the OKDXA. I saw a presentation about his station that he gave to the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society (the OU student amateur radio club) a few years ago and it is truly amazing. It is a very impressive multi-multi contest station (to put it mildly).

Every interested party is welcome to attend this virtual meeting; you needn’t be a member of the OKDXA, nor even licensed, to “tune in.”


To expedite the approval of the January BAARC Minutes in the upcoming February business meeting, please find the minutes below for review.

Minutes for the January 4, BAARC Club Meeting:

Earl, WB5UUW, called the meeting to order a little after 7:00 PM with 16 members present. No minutes were available for the December Meeting, so reading of the minutes was waived.

Ray, WB5JJA, gave the Treasurer report. $130 in dues had come in, adding that to the current balance, the club had $6669.79 on hand. Dan, W5BM moved to accept the treasurer report, Guy seconded, and it was approved unanimously.

Earl started a discussion on the election of 2021 BAARC officers. Earl noted we may not have a quorum. Dan made a motion that those present waive the need for a quorum to conduct business, Guy, WB5MXO, seconded, and the motion was approved without dissent.

Earl called for nominations from the floor and Bruce Bierma, KG5CZT,  was nominated for the 3rd director position. Earl read the nominees, a vote was taken and the following slate was unanimously approved.

The newly elected BAARC officers and directors for 2021:

Bob Holmes, K5GSC, President

Dan Woods, W5BM, Vice President

Barbara “Be” Engler, KG5MSM, Secretary

Ray Richardson, WB5JJA, Treasurer

Guy Shipley, WB5MXO, Director

Earl Stutzman, WB5UUW, Director

Bruce Bierma, KG5CZT, Director

Earl thanked everyone for allowing him to serve as president. Bob thanked Earl for his work with the club during the unusual events of 2020 and all agreed. Bob then introduced himself and discussed a few items he hoped to introduce in the club agenda for 2021.

Earl called for adjournment of the Business Meeting, Jeff Martin seconded and the Business Meeting ended by unanimous consent. It should be noted, the Business Meeting ended with no one objecting to a lack of quorum.

No presentation was planned, so the group continued with general discussion. Earl mentioned a three part Youtube video on winding a 9 to 1 Balun. Chuck Bigbie, N5ANY, mentioned another good you tube video for making Baluns. Chuck also mentioned he had recently built a very nice HF amplifier from a kit. Chuck videoed the process and said he would give a club program in the future on the amplifier and the steps building it.

More general discussion followed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Minutes by DAW, W5BM for Secretary, Be KG5MSM

Thanks, and 73,

Bob Holmes, K5GSC


Contest University Propagation Summit Free Zoom Webinar January 23, 2021

Contest University is hosting a Propagation Summit 2021 on January 23, 2021 starting at 11 AM EST.

You can view the Propagation Summit outline

There is still time to register for the Propagation Summit here:

Zoom Webinar Signup link

There will be a drawing for an Icom IC-705 donated by Icom America.  Winner must be present on Zoom to win.

Hope you can join us on January 23, 2021


Contest University