Broken Arrow Ledger (Pre)Field Day Photo Shoot

Just a word of thanks to all who helped with the photo shoot. When things looked bleak, Laci, KD5PFG suggested that I contact Earl, WB5UUW, to see if it might be possible to have photo shoot at his┬áchurch. I contacted Earl got permission, and we moved it to the gymnasium there. Shannon, KC5RBG, brought an HF rig, and Bud-dipole antenna. Mike, AE5QL, came to help set up. He also brought a radio, and all the other gear. Ray, KE5WGA, showed up to help. Craig, KD5CUZ, showed up to help. Wade, KF5IF, and Randy, KF5COA showed up with another radio, and monster antenna. Laci, Daniel, KF5FPG, and myself showed up. Earl opened the door, the photojournalist Greg Poindexter came with a high quality video camera, and shot a lot of footage, interviewed myself, Mike, Shannon, Wade, and Laci. He said that he would take the stills out of the video. The gang put antennas up in the rain, didn’t make many contacts, but showed what we can do with that ingenuity that most hams seem to have.