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Hot off the Press: State of Amateur Radio 2018

This survey was just completed. It is a world-wide survey, although the largest response was from US Amateurs.  It is very comprehensive and well done.

Wayne Hartsfield/KW5M

2018StateofAmateurRadio (PDF document)

BAARC Club Roster – Updated 4-24-18

We have just updated the BAARC Club Roster to include all paid members as of today.

ALL memberships expired in January, so if you have not paid this year, you were taken off the list. That does not mean, however, that you can’t pay late.

Following this posting is a link to the list of the current, paid-up members. If you are not on the list, please join today! The BAARC membership fees are used to purchase and maintain equipment for our repeaters, as well as provide funds for activities and events.

To renew your membership, mail your checks ($20 individual; $30 family) to:

Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 552
Broken Arrow, OK 74013-0552

Bruce K5PX

NOTE: If you spot an error in spelling or call signs, please let Bruce (K5PX) and/or Cindy K5CED ( know.

To view the current roster, click on the Club Roster Link.

BAARC HamGram – March 2018

BAARC Ham Gram March 2018- HAM2

ISS SSTV active on 145.800 MHz FM in April – QRZ Forums

ISS SSTV active on 145.800 MHz FM in April _ QRZ Forums  (PDF document)

BAARC Feb. Board Meeting Notes

The Board Meeting notes are in PDF format. Download using this link: Feb Board Meeting


BAARC HamGram Feb, 26, 2018

The HamGram is in PDF format. Download using the following link: Ham-Feb

Repeater Guide

RepeaterGuide (PDF document)

Hamgram #4 – Spotlight Flyer

Download: Spotlight Flyer (PDF)

Kent K5WTS

Executive Summary-Jan 20, 2018

Attached please find a copy of the Executive Committee Meeting Summary.  Please read carefully and bring any questions to the BAARC Meeting or contact me at

Wayne Hartsfield/KW5M

Executive Summary 01302108 (PDF)