APRS 202 : Simple Trackers

In Ben’s presentation he (and his friends) had a variety of TNCs (terminal node controller – but think ‘modem’) in a variety of sizes, capabilities and cost.

Trackers are (typically) transmit-only TNCs that don’t receive messages, they just transmit a message, typically a GPS-derived location, to the digi or a command post.

Hams running in a marathon with other runners to indicate the start and end of the pack would be an application of these units.

You’d need :

Check these out from Byonics

a) a GPS receiver : Byonics GPS-2 $69

b) the Tracker : Byonics TT3  $42

c) a small radio : Hamfest

Byonics makes this “ready to roll” also:

Byonics Ready to Go Tracker

Byonics Ready To Go Tracker


Scott / KD5NJR