American Automobile Association says that laws that ban texting while driving won't reduce crashes.

The agency that looks out for drivers on the road released a shocking report. AAA now says laws banning “driving while intexticated” don’t do any good.

Researchers looked at states with long-term laws against texting behind the wheel, and found the number of crashes never declined. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said it’s the conversation, not the phone that causes crashes. They say the only solution is a total ban on using phones while driving, even hands-free devices.

“We don’t want people to have this misperception that just because they have a blue tooth, then they’re risk-free because that’s not the case,” said Ragina Avarella with AAA.

Maryland has banned all cell phones and hands-free devices if you’re driving.

An Oklahoma law banning all beginner drivers from using a hand-held phone takes effect in November.